Monday, February 4, 2013

Aiisha's White for Frost 2013

One of my favorite local designers, Aiisha Ramadan has done it again - second bridal collection!

They say don't look at any bridal dresses after you've chosen yours, because you'll be overcome by doubt and may want to change the dress.

I say, if you are about to get married, do take a look at Aiisha's Frost 2013.

It's modest - not much skin showing - and I think bride should be modest, blushing and a bit shy.  Even if she's been around the block a few times and just faking it.

Here's the collection, but first i just want to mention how much the model looks like the designer herself!  I'm sure it was an intention all along.  Another thing - I LOVE the small fact that Aiisha's team chose not to cover models' tattoos!  Edgy!

How beautiful is this train!

I'm not a big fan of lace, but this simple silhouette compliments complexity of lace


Unknown said...

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lavien said...

Love those dresses :)


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