Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beyonce Does Middle East

Well, Sasha Fierce is bringing her House of Dereon Shoe Collection to the Middle East.   

I guess selling "affordable line" to Wall-Mart and temporarily tattoos to bunch of underage fans did not pan out the way Mama Knowles hoped. 

House of Dereon is partnering with UAE-based Level One, who will be marketing and distributing for them. 

Level One was responsible for bringing and marketing Sketchers over here and they did an awesome job - Sketchers are extremely popular among Dubai's ankle-biters; my own kids would not wear anything else but them.

Beyonce and Tina Knowels are shooting to start selling by the end of the year first in crazamazing Dubai and then in Lebanon. 

My personal opinion:  these shoes are not good.  Some of them are taking fugliness to the whole new level, some are just poorly and lazily designed and all of them are unoriginal.  I understand that rabid fans and wannabes will snap up anything by their fave celeb, but Beyonce should just get a little more expensive and talented designers to make them' shoes.

Gwen Stefani did it.

Good luck to Sasha Fierce, me thinks she'll need it!


Dina said...

I agree with you though I like the last white shoes - but the heels are too high!

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