Friday, November 19, 2010

Riva Fashion

Riva Fashion is a very popular in the Middle East  fashion brand.  The "Design Concept" page on it's website gives one an impression that Riva Fashion is Paris-based and even calls it "European brand".

In fact, Riva Fashion is a Kuwaiti based business and i don't know why they are pretending otherwise. 

Clearly, this brand caters mostly to the Middle Eastern women with it's brightly colored outfits, large accessories and modest cuts. 

I think Middle Eastern fashion brands should be proud of who they are and not try to pass themselves for something else.

Riva Fashion is a very strong presence in the region - it has 4 stores in Dubai alone, 19 total in the Gulf countries.

Check out this collection that hit the stores in 2010. 
Like much?

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