Thursday, November 4, 2010

Damas for Diwali

When i was passing down my street yesterday evening, i noticed a few houses decorated with twinkling Christmas lights.  They were wrapped around front yard palm and frangipani trees, hanging from the porches of the villas and twinkling around the door frames.
"Odd", i said to myself.
"It's not Christmas yet", i said to myself.

It's Diwali, people! 

Diwali is a five day fun Hindu holiday.  It's also known as "Festival of Light", but Diwali's deeper meaning is in finding and celebrating your inner spiritual light.  During this holiday Hindus light myriads of lights, burn incense sticks, have parties and give gifts.

Any sensible Hindu, or any other sensible person, for that matter, should know that the best gift for his loved one would include some nice jewelry set.  In order to help that sensible man with his Diwali gift extravaganza, Middle Eastern jewelry firm Damas had put out special Diwali Catalog.

This catalog is obviously geared towards South Asian customers and reflects South Asian tastes and esthetics's.
The jewelry is very lush, exotic and opulent; click on the image to enlarge it:


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