Monday, May 9, 2011

Gul and Naz Creations

Those of you in the West who think that Middle Eastern women do nothing all day but eat bakhlavas and yell at their maids are sorely mistaken.

I don't know about other emirates, but Dubai is an enterprenurial woman's paradise.  Not a week passes by without me recieving invites in my mailbox to check out this lady's rubber shoes business, that lady's school lunchbox business, party planning business, diaper cake business and everything in between.

There are women in Dubai who are boutique owners, film director ( i know of one), jewellry makers and of course, designers.

Twins Gulnaz and Nazgul Nejmi design and make hats under the brand "Gul and Naz Creations".  Well, they also do makeovers and photography, but mostly hats. 
Dubai loves hats and i've posted about them numerous times, but check out some of Gul and Naz Creations nevertheless:

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Nazgul Nejmi said...

Hey there! This is Nazgul one of the twins! thank u so much for featuring us in ur blog! uve written well :) if u have time pls check our pages: "nazgul nejmi millinery" and "gul - naz makeover mansion" on fb! thanks once again :)

i.r. said...

Hey Nazgul! Glad you liked the post! if you like, you can link the post on your FB page.
Keep making fantabulous hats!

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