Sunday, May 29, 2011

Hanna Bernhard Jewelry & Essa

A while back i was messing around  researching some stuff on the interwebz and came upon one very interesting french costume jewelry design firm, Hanna Bernhard

Last October, local designer Essa - who i wrote about earlier - invited lovely Nathalie and her team to come to Dubai and bring her eye catching jewelery for his catwalk show.

 I have to admit that it was a perfect match - Essa's over the top, jewel-toned, fluid gowns complemented with Nathalie's over the top, highly ornate and unusual jewelry. 

Basically, heavenly.

Hanna Bernhard Jewelry is hand crafted with all the stones hand-set.  They use vintage Swarovsky crystals, semi-precious stones and bakelite (plastic composite). 

Unfortunately, Hanna Bernhard is not sold in Dubai, but if you really want to own these striking costume jewelry, you can order at  They will even special order, based on your specifications.


And here's Essa's Oh Sauvage Collection accessorised with Hanna Bernhard jewelry:

Pix via and with generous permission from Nathalie.


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ну что сказать? я в ужасе.)))

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