Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Who is Essa?

Well, according to one extremely pompous puff piece, Essa is "bona fide urban legend" and "an enigma wrapped in mysterious shroud of theories" (after living in Dubai for a year, i noticed that Asian writers/reporters can write fantabulously dramatic. I love it.)

Well, i don't know about enigma and legend, but i know that i like what he does. His work is pretty, very feminine and also very different. While most of them have the same elements - frilly, colorful, not particularly structured - they also differ quite a bit in a mood.

Essa is a Dubai (according to some Sharjah) based designer of an Indian origin. He graduated with non-fashion degree from some college in Cyprus, but then did some pattern-cutting in London, worked as a costume designer in Bollywood and came back to Dubai.

Here he managed to get his merchandise into one of the most famous boutiques, S*uce and became an instant "enigma wrapped in shroud".

Check his designs below:

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