Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So i was dragging myself today around one of the enormous Dubai malls, "Mall of the Emirates" or MOE for short, when i got stopped dead in my tracks!

Screeching halt!


There is a huge Fauchon store/cafe! Here it is, staring at me with it's big white letters on the black background! I didn't know Dubai had it! (Turns out it has 2 - one in Dubai Mall, one in MOE)

In case you didn't know, Fauchon is an uber-luxurious, expensive and exclusive gourmet food store. It's main store is in Paris, of course, right on the Place de la Madeleine; they carry every fine food imaginary from candied chestnuts and macaroons to caviar and chutneys. And everything in between!

They are expensive. Fauchon eclair is a like a Ferrari eclair, and it costs something around 6 Euro each. Their tuna sandwich is about 12 Euro. I know, i know...

Anyway, i must confess, i didn't enter the store - i was rather concerned about the state of my waistline, wreckage on my credit card and general condition of my sanity should i get hypnotized by their fabulous, luscious, delectable offerings.

Just look at their eclairs! Some of them are lookin' back at ya!

...and macaroons!

...cakes are not bad either!


i.r. said...

i counted 12 exclamation points in this one post - this goes to show you how excited i get over eclairs.

Crafty Baker said...

Wow they look really fab!

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