Thursday, September 23, 2010

Azza Fahmy

I love these kind of stories; i think women's success stories, such as Azza Fahmy's are great inspiration for us all!

Check this out - Azza Fahmy was born in a middle class family in Egypt. Her mom didn't even finish school, but not only was she literate, but also fluent in French. Then, when Azza Fahmy was about 15, her dad died, and family went through some hard time financially and emotionally.

When Azza Fahmy graduated from the university, she spent eight years designing book covers for some civil branch of the Egyptian government. Imagine, working on dreadful, boring, miserable book covers for loooong eight years. If you can't, then go look at some info booklet from your own government and now try to imagine working with these kind of aesthetics for eight years.

I personally will shrivel up and die.

Anyway, i guess she had enough eventually and decided to pursue her designing career.
She did it with much gusto and success. Now Azza Fahmy is sort of a Middle Eastern David Yurman - her pieces are just as easily recognizable, desired and expensive as his. In Dubai she has her own store; hoity-toity Harvey Nicks and Bloomie's carry her merchandise as well.

See for yourself:

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