Monday, September 13, 2010

Versace Pallazo Dubai

Dubai is a junkie that needs it's hits no matter what. It's gotta have the glitziest, the swankiest, the most OTT-iest.

Cavalli Club, Armani Hotel, Ferragamo Apartments and Versace Pallazo - Dubai's sweetest stash!
Grounds on Versace Pallazo have been broken with big fanfare back in 2008 (Cindy Crawford came), but since then the project has been kinda comatose. I'm hearing from the industry insiders that it will happen though, somewhere close to the Flamingo WildLife Reserve. Also, hotel's private beach will be cooled with air conditioning - eat your heart out, global warming!

There is one Versace Pallazo in Australia and good friend of mine stayed there for a few days - it's really, really decadent! Interiors are heavily adorned with Medusa heads, "greek key" pattern is everywhere and lots and lots of gold! And silk! And even more gold on silk!

Here is what it's gonna look like in Dubai. Wanna come and stay?


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