Monday, March 28, 2011

Dubai World Cup 2011

Here you go, yearly post.

Horses run.  Some girl named Jessy J sang. Who dat??? 

Ladies wore hats.

But, apparently, not all of them wore PANTS!

So, here is what i learned from this year's Dubai World Cup - hats are mandatory, but you don't have to worry about the rest of your wadrobe. 


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Le Fanciulle said...

Holy crap - a chip hat!

xx T

Kholá said...

Wowza! Those are some hats! Call me crazy but I actually think the second one could work

Joka said...

hahahha there is amazing and freaky pieces :D

Anonymous said...

Those are really cool hats- some of them i wouldnt wear but some are definitely too cool not to be worn ;) nice post!

Your friendly Blogger,

From (my blog)>

Meekay said...

Great pics!

By Sara Romero said...

HAHAHA these hats are out of control i love it.
thanks for following, im following back :)


Samsara said...

Very clever post, love it!!

Anonymous said...

Eccentrics, outlandish, I find them very beautifulr than those which wear Real English:-D


Anonymous said...

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