Monday, March 14, 2011

Ezra Santos

First things first - I think Ezra Santos is gorgeous. 

I think he should've been in Black Swan, not Nathalie Portman.  Look at how graceful, poised and ballerina-like he is on this picture!

Secondly, I think Lady GaGa should give him a call ASAP.  Dude is talented like that. 

Check out the shoulders on most of the dresses - you can play American football in them.

Besides doing all sorts of crazy dresses with shoulders, trains, crystals, bells, whistles and the whole nine yards of tulle and organza, Ezra Santos also dabbles in menswear.

Here's some twinkle toe models working it in his chitons ? or harem pants with hoodies? 

Perfect club wear, don't you think?  Why don't you go buy one of these for your boy-toy and take him clubbing wearing this gorgeous ensemble.  See what'll happen and report back to me. 
A small social experiment if you will.

Ezra Santos is Manila-born designer who is based in Dubai. 


Burning Skies said...

Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog :) I love the beaded dress on the 3rd photo!

i.r. said...

Thanks for stopping by! Loved your collection of wedge shoes :)

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