Saturday, March 26, 2011

Hind Abdulrazak/Candella

Hind Abdulrazak is young, lovely and very creative second-generation Dubaiian. 

She used to work in construction - boooooring - but eventually swapped her briefcase for scissors and thimble. 

Hind is the managing partner of Candella boutique on fancy and posh Jumeirah strip. 

Here she sells some other people's clothes, but also her own wonderful, skillfully draped dresses.

She was nice enough to explain to me her creative process:

"For the most part I design by organically draping fabrics and pinning them to a form until I am happy with the shape!"

I think her dresses are delicious and have this gorgeous feminine feel.  To me it looks like Hind takes inspiration in that glamorous, bygone era of 1950s, which is so on right now - think Mad Man, Dita Von Tease, Burlesque. 

 Most prices fall in the AED 500 - 1500 range but some of the evening gowns are AED 2500- 3500.

Dita would look lovely in any of these:

Images of dresses courtesy Hind Abdulrazak


Anonymous said...

Her designs are lovely!

i.r. said...

agree! she's also a very lovely lady herself.

Joka said...

awesome dresses,love the backgroun too I would love if I can wear some of that lovely dresses ^_^

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