Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sara's Bag

Here is the story behind the brand that will, hopefully, inspire and encourage everyone who tries to make it not only in fashion, but in the world generally.

Here is the story that will, somewhat, negate bitter bewilderment certain self-absorbed and entitled designers - Galliano among them - project onto the fashion crowd.

Here is the story that i love:

Sara's Bag is a creation of a Lebanese woman, whose childhood and coming of age were marred by long 15year lebanese war.  The woman, nevertheless, longed to create something beautiful and useful. 

Since she was always interested in underprivileged female population of her country (at school she did a thesis on lebanese female prisoners and prostitutes), she decided to create an economic opportunities for this unfortunate females.

And that's how her brand, Sara's Bag was born.  Here's an excerpt from her website, :

Sarah decided to set up her company as part of a rehabilitation program, whereby women at risk from economic deprivation or the stigma of having served time in prison would learn valuable skills in return for a reliable income and a stable source of pride, dignity, and empowerment. In the process, these women would be helping to revamp the centuries’ old traditions of artisans and textile makers in the Middle East for the purpose of invigorating contemporary fashion. The arrangement turned out to be successful, innovative, and highly efficient.

Check her bags out and if you can, go and buy one.  Or two.


Willis Ladd said...

Great post. These bags are looking so beautiful and attractive. I like your bags so much. Thanks to sharing the useful information.

Sarah's Bag

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